Xiaomi Introduces Mi Air Charge, Wireless Battery Charging Technology

By | January 30, 2021

Xiaomi introduces a new wireless charging technology called Mi Air Charge. This technology allows the user to recharge the phone wirelessly remotely, without having to attach it to the charging pad.

The difference is from the wireless charger that already exists in the present, Mi Air Charge can do so from a relatively long distance, reaching several meters.

The size of the Mi Air Charge is quite large, more or less similar to the air purifier and from the Xiaomi demonstration video, it looks almost like a sofa. This charger can recharge the phone battery with a capacity of 5W from a radius of up to several meters.

Mi Air Charger can channel power to smartphones that users take for a walk indoors.

Mi Air Charger technology utilizes five antennas to detect the location of the phone and 144 antennas to emit power waves to the device wirelessly in the form of an “extremely narrow millimeter-wide wave beam”. The wave penetrates the air to deliver 5 watts of power to the device.

Xiaomi claims the technology can recharge multiple phones at once while it’s being used for gaming, while walking in a room, or even when something is in the way.

Smartphones must be equipped with a special antenna set called “receiving antenna array” to receive power beams and “antenna beacons” to transmit the device’s position information to the Mi Air Charger.

Charging doesn’t have to be limited to smartphones only. Xiaomi hopes the Mi Air Charger will be able to be used to charge all devices in the house, such as smartwatches or other wearable devices,

Xiaomi is not the first company to show off ‘true wireless charging’ technology like this. Previously there was an Energous company that featured similar technology at CES 2015 but it was never realized into a commercial product.

Unfortunately, despite its promise, the Mi Air Charger will not be available anytime soon. A Xiaomi spokesman said the technology would not be commercialized this year,