Sony Launches Designs for the Next Generation of NUCLeUS, the Smart Imaging Platform for Hospitals

By | September 3, 2019

Sony plans to launch a new, more intuitive version of its NUCLeUS ™ platform for medical imaging in neutral mode, pending FDA 510 approval (k). The new generation platform is designed to offer hospitals an optimized digital image workflow and create valuable efficiencies in addition to supporting 4K resolution. It is also designed to easily route and deliver important information, such as video, audio, and other relevant clinical data, anywhere and on the hospital campus.

NUCLeUS offers hospitals numerous revolutionary advantages, from improving training and education tools to cost-effective network management of medical image content. It is designed to simplify the workflow in operating rooms and laboratory facilities by providing quick access to relevant image data via an easy-to-use central panel. It is also intended to provide users with a near real-time transmission function to help doctors and management teams make more informed decisions.

NUCLeUS operates in a flexible software-based environment and demonstrates Sony’s constant investment in the healthcare sector with the introduction of a new intelligent NUCLeUS application designed to take advantage of existing hospital network infrastructures.

The highlights of the next-generation NUCLeUS platform design features are:

Workflow-oriented functions for clinicians.

  1. Ability to process multiple formats, multiple standards, and resolutions up to 4K
  2. Improved transfer and recording of high-quality audio and video, with advanced switching options and video routing
  3. Improved options for image routing and viewing, allowing more fluid image workflows in all phases of surgery, from planning to postoperative assessments
  4. Ability to transmit training and education updated through the use of communication tools in real-time, such as the most intelligent annotation functions
  5. Improved workflow through intelligent NUCLeUS applications such as rotation correction

IT-oriented functions

  1. Fully scalable solution that can be easily extended to other rooms or hospital buildings at any time
  2. Provides IT administrators with a secure and encrypted way to maintain external and preventative solutions, including self-monitoring capabilities
    Integrative functions.
  3. Software-based platform and mode neutrality support image routing of many different manufacturers
  4. Increased support for third-party applications via business APIs and a variety of mechanisms and tools.
  5. Secure integration of HIS and fully compatible with HL7 / DICOM

Sony is committed to helping healthcare organizations streamline imaging workflows so clinicians can offer the best professional offers. The NUCLeUS imaging platform is an innovative medical imaging system designed to contribute to operational efficiency and quality improvement and to provide tools for better informed clinical decisions.

This next generation is the result of the acquisition of Sony in 2016 by eSATURNUS, a Belgium-based company that offers clinical video solutions via IP for the medical sector. This experience, combined with Sony’s leading image and AV / IT technologies, has led to the continuous investment and development of the NUCLeUS image platform.

The next generation NUCLeUS platform is planned in the United States. UU. In December 2019, pending approval by the FDA 510 (k). Detail information, visit




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