next generation Ultrawide Broadband Athermal AWG (AAWG) product family including Super Gaussian AAWG

By | February 25, 2021

POINTek’s new Super Gaussian AAWGs are intended to help 200Gbps data transmission with especially low insertion loss and wider passband characteristics in relation to ordinary AAWGs and this new item depends on another IP optical bundling innovation profiting by past enlisted athermalization licenses.

POINTek claims that the new Super Gaussian AAWGs go past metro WDM network applications, stretching out appropriately to satellite TV organizations.

All AAWG items are unique, and POINTek’s AAWG are 100% latent and exclusively altered. Each AWG merchant looks for explicit separation arrangements, however POINTek’s optical bundling method not just empowers the organization to make a wide range of altered AAWGs yet additionally refines its athermalization innovation one level high, appropriate for ultra-wide broadband with low insertion loss.

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