New Remote Erosion Monitoring System for Levees By High Sierra Electronics

By | February 23, 2021

REMS™ is a new imaginative Remote Erosion Monitoring System for earthen levees and embankment dams that is intended to identify when and where disintegration has happened and naturally ready and send data to the levee and dam proprietors, working supervisors, and nearby open wellbeing authorities.

The new automated levee erosion detection system utilizes an organization of guide sensors that are installed at levee framework or bank dam locales that are recognized as in danger for disintegration. On the off chance that disintegration happens and washes the bank away, the guides quickly send their status. All signal and site information is overseen in Contrail® cloud-facilitated observing programming where clients can monitor the REMS site status. Changes in guide status can send custom ready warnings to differing partners by means of email, SMS, or text.

The REMS is being tried interestingly for a Levee Safety project, subsidized by a CA DWR Grant, on the Sacramento River 35 miles north of Sacramento, in a multi-organization synergistic exertion to help distinguish disintegration early and alert the levee proprietors. The destinations picked for the undertaking are at weak areas along the stream where disintegration happens rapidly.

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Levee Safety: New REMS product makes it possible to remotely monitor sites at risk for erosion failure