Native Desktop Application with API and Mobile Test Automation Capabilities By Mabl

By | February 24, 2021

With the desktop app, mabl’s low-code interface for test creation and maintenance needs up to 80% less exertion than options, improving joint effort and essentially lessening the programming mastery needed to compose and keep up robotized tests. Thus, programming groups can try not to test bottlenecks and saddle the force of test robotization to accomplish the maximum capacity of DevOps.


New capacities include:

Desktop app: The desktop application – built with Electron – provides users a low-code interface to create, execute, maintain, and analyze results of all their automated tests. Eliminating the need to jump between multiple UIs, users can now more efficiently run their browser, API and local web tests, in the cloud or locally through a single unified experience.

API testing: mabl’s end-to-end API testing functionality improves test coverage by enabling users to easily validate API workflows alongside browser-based workflows in a single unified platform. Users can author and maintain API tests using mabl’s low-code interface or import and export Postman collections to leverage existing automation investments.

Mobile web testing: New to the mabl platform, the desktop app includes support for mobile web testing. Users can validate responsiveness by creating and running tests across browsers and mobile device profiles in the same unified experience.

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