Huawei Honor Band 5, SmartBand with Various Functions

By | January 13, 2021

Smartband become a wearable device or electronic accessory, that can be connected to a cellphone, so that it can display notification of incoming messages or calls.

In fact, this tool has a much more sophisticated function. One of them is like the one offered by Huawei Honor Band 5.

This smart bracelet is equipped with a number of mainstay features that are quite complete, one of which is in the field of Health, namely:

1.Detection Oxygen level in the blood, or what is known as Sp02.

Many buy this tool because it is said they can find out whether someone has the COVID-19 virus or not, but the data displayed can be used as an indication of other diseases.

One case that required the number Sp02, namely when the user experienced shortness of breath, suffered from asthma or pneumonia. The disease makes it difficult for the patient to breathe, so that the amount of oxygen in the blood falls below 95 percent.

2. Sleep Disorders.

The so-called sleep apnea, with symptoms of difficulty breathing and can be fatal if not detected early.

3. Heart Rate Monoitor.

Will sound an alarm if the number is below average which could be due to heart failure.

4. Sleep Quality Monitor.

The rest duration of the user can be long but still feels tired. The Huawei Health application, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones, will display very detailed data about this.

5. Calculating how many calories the body burns during exercise.

Other technical advantages are:

1. Color AMOLED Screen

Honor Band 5 comes with an elegant design equipped with elliptical capacitive buttons and a rubber strap.

This smartband carries a color AMOLED display with a 0.95-inch screen (240 x 120 pixels).

Although small, this screen is capable of displaying various essential information such as date, battery time, notifications, and the number of steps the user has taken. The Smart Band interface (watch face) can also be easily changed according to taste via a smartphone in the Huawei Health application which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery.

2. Can Be Used to Swim

Honor Band 5 is able to record a variety of movements or swimming styles performed, along with the distance traveled, time, number of hand swings, and efficiency in swimming (SWOLF).

This device can still be turned on even though it is used for approximately 30 minutes for activities in water with a depth of 1 to 2 meters. Honor claims the device is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters.

Apart from swimming, there are 9 other activity recording modes that users can use, such as various indoor sports, gymnastics, running, and cycling.

Uniquely, this smart bracelet also has other mainstay features, such as real-time heart rate detection, features for monitoring sleep quality, phone finder, and music control running on smartphones.

3. Long-Battery

Honor claims this Smart Band can last up to 14 days on a single charge.


The resistance of the device may be different when the user connects the Honor Band 5 with a smartphone via Bluetooth non-stop. When the battery runs out, this Smart Band can be charged via a special connector equipped with a micro USB port. This connector is simply affixed to the back of the device and users can then charge the smart bracelet using a cable.