High-Precision GNSS SE868SY-D Receiver Module for Multi-Frequency and Multi-Constellation Applications By Telit

By | February 23, 2021

The SE868SY-D is a multi-frequency, high-precision global navigation satellite system (GNSS) recceiver module for applications that require high precision, quick updates, multi-heavenly body uphold and multipath obstruction. At simply 11×11 mm, the SE868SY-D effectively obliges super minimized gadgets and IoT trackers.

The high-accuracy SE868SY-D module is Telit’s first multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver module , highlighting an ultra-sensitive – 167 dBm (following) RF (Radio Frequency) front end. By utilizing both the L1 and L5 groups, the SE868SY-D supplies an essentially higher area precision than single-recurrence gadgets — even in high-multipath conditions like metropolitan gulches. This sub-1-meter exactness is a significant explanation ABI Research hopes for something else than 1 billion multi-recurrence GNSS gadgets to transport yearly by 2023. Additionally, the Telit SE868SY-D offers a pin-to-stick viable movement way in Telit’s portfolio for applications dependent on the heritage GPS module JF2 and GNSS module SE868V3, indeed demonstrating the organization’s responsibility in longstanding help of clients’ applications.

The SE868SY-D is the principal item from another essential coordinated effort among Sony and Telit. The Telit SE868SY-D additionally is ideal for battery-fueled applications like IoT trackers and then some. With under 45mW in L1+L5 following mode, the module supplies the most reduced force utilization available — including against single-band GNSS recipients. For high-powerful applications, the SE868SY-D backings a high update pace of up to 25 Hz, a significant favorable position of the SE868SY-D over other GNSS recipients at present accessible. Its high-exactness, one-beat per-second (1PPS) signal likewise makes the module ideal for timing applications.

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