5 Ways of Cellphone and Laptop for Not Damaged Quickly

By | June 23, 2020
We frequently complain if the cellphone or laptop that we have not durable purchased is broken. In fact, the cost is not cheap. It considers little money to buy the electronics.

However, you don't have to charge anybody. For this cause, it may all be broken by your own.
The bad habits you can do frequently damage your phone to your laptop. So it's good to self intropection first., 

Here are 5 bad habits that could ruin your laptop and phone:

1. Don’t take your phone in the Toilet

Your phone may be strong to loose. Wherever you go, it will be taken. Even to places that are not expected before. One such position is the toilet. Despite being urination, many people still hold their phones. From responding to messages, calling to unlocking social media. Although this can ruin your own phone. First, the phone will be prone to falling water and damaging the engine. Secondly, if it falls into the water and in the process of charging then it can also be fatal.

2. Breakfast and lunch in front of Laptop

Since of the demands of work, someone will have a little time to rest. Hence, many people select to eat when working in front of the laptop. But let you know if it can also ruin your laptop. The food you eat can be entered into the sidelines of the keyboard. The matter you eat is biscuits. Not to mention when you drink water and can spill over the laptop.


3. Don’t charge your phone when the battery is totally empty

A different habit that could ruin your gadget is charging your battery when it’s totally empty (0 percent). . Apparently is not good. It’s good to connect the charging cable when the battery begins to red (showing weak code) normally at 20 percent. Thus, the battery quality will decrease due to this.

4. Leave a Laptop whole day in the car

It’s not just security, but it’s also about the fact that overcooling or overheating can be harmful to technology. Overheated temperatures will negatively affect the processor. This also happens when the humidity level is high. If you leave the electronic device in cold temperatures for a long time, then it will also cause damage to the battery. That’s why it’s better not to leave your gadgets in the car in the summer or in winter.

5. Using the Laptop on a mattress

Another bad habit is to use a laptop on a mattress. Most reasons are for convenience. Comfortable for you but not good for the machine. Commonly, laptops have holes in the airways. When used, the machine will heat and release the heat through the channel. If you use a laptop above the bed it will affect the processor negatively. The borders will be broken.