18 New Passive Fiber Optic Splitters/Combiners By L-com

By | February 25, 2021

L-com presented a new series of passive optical splitters/combiners. This product offering is intended to work in different Passive Optical Network (PON), GigabitPassive Optical Network (GPON) applications and in a wide scope of fiber to the home, building, curb and other(FTTx)networks.

L-com’s new line passive fiber optic splitters/combiners  comprises of 18 new models that are contained LGX-style tapes just as 900um and 250um fiber link structure factors. The LGX tapes are accessible with 1×02, 1×04, 1×08, 1×16 and 1×32 even parts and highlight SC fiber connectors with an APC clean. The 900um field units are accessible with 1×04, 1×08, 1×16 and 1×32 even split alternatives just as non-connectorized adaptations or connectorized forms with SC/APC clean connectors. The 250um field units are accessible in 1×02, 1×04, 1×08, 1×16 and 1×32 even parts utilizing uncovered fiber (no connectors).

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